cig_control July 17, 2019
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In Peshawar, Pakistan, the counter-terrorism department of the Pakistani police arrested Ali Nawaz, the regional head of the Canadian organization Human Concern International (HCI), for sending money to Al-Qaeda, according to a report in a Pakistani daily.

According to the report, Ali Nawaz and three other men, identified as Mohammad Farooq Awan, Shah Rum, and Mohammad Naeem, were “providing funds to terrorists.” These men were, the report noted, “receiving huge sums in the name of charity, which were being diverted to Al-Qaeda to be used for terrorism.” At least 11 HCI bank accounts were used to move millions of rupees, it added.

HCI is an international and mainly Muslim charity. Its website says that it has offices in Ottawa, Montreal, and Toronto. HCI’s website also says that it is engaged in humanitarian activities in Myanmar, Yemen, and other Middle Eastern countries. On its website, HCI states: “We are Muslims passionate about ending global poverty and saving lives. To do this, we are driven by our values and sense of mission.”

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