cig_control February 13, 2019
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Please attend this JDL vigil for Ori Ansbacher.

The murderer of Ori Ansbacher, HY”D arrested by IDF in Ramallah.

In a swift operation, Israeli security forces on Friday identified the murderer of Ori Ansbacher, the 19 year-old Orthodox Jewish student who was found murdered in the Ein Ya’el forest in Jerusalem. Her murderer is Arafat Arfiya.

Arafat, 29, was caught hiding in an abandoned building near Ramallah, after hiding in a mosque, where he took refuge Friday after the murder.

Arafat is a resident of Hevron, and was in Jerusalem without a permit. Security officials said he left his home with a knife Thursday morning and made his way to Jerusalem. He came across the young Ori in the forest and murdered her by stabbing her to death. Ansbacher’s remains were found Thursday afternoon, and an intensive examination of the murder scene yielded forensic evidence that led to the identification of Arfiya.

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