cig_control February 22, 2019

CONSERVATIVES REJECT CANADIAN REPATRIATION OF “ISIS BRIDES” Statement on Canadian “ISIS Brides” in Syria February 20, 2019 Ottawa, ON – The Honourable Michelle Rempel, Shadow Minister for Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship, and MP Pierre Paul-Hus, Shadow Minister for Public Safety, Border Security, and Emergency Preparedness, issued a statement following reports of Canadian “ISIS Brides” in […]

cig_control February 21, 2019

The PA celebrated the brutal murder of 19yr old Ori Ansbacher – her family said she was “a holy soul” who cared for each person and living creature- with the re-broadcast of a song written by Jordanian singer Rami Shafiq which glorified terrorist acts against Israelis. The song identified “Zionists” as the “enemy” and praised […]

cig_control February 19, 2019

VIGIL FOR ISRAELI TEEN ORI ANSBACHER A multi faith vigil for the rape and murder of 19 year old Israeli Ori Ansbacher was held on Thursday night, February 14 in front of the Israeli Consulate on Bloor St. Her body was found in the Ein Yael forest on the outskirts of Jerusalem on February 10th. […]

cig_control February 18, 2019

The Hon. Nancy Pelosi The Speaker of the House of Representatives United States Capitol Washington, DC 20515 Dear Madam Speaker, We are writing to you to express our profound, even frightened concern and, indeed, our pained astonishment that you have decided to appoint newly-elected legislator, Representative Ihlan Omar, to the House Foreign Affairs Committee. We […]

cig_control February 16, 2019

Editor’s note: A powerful statement that needs to be seriously considered by all Americans has been issued by Rabbi Aryeh Spero, spokesman for the National Conference on Jewish Affairs and a prolific contributor to American Thinker. “It is becoming more obvious by the day–even by the tweet-hour–that newly elected Congresswoman Ilhan Omar is anti-Semitic and […]

cig_control February 14, 2019

WASHINGTON — Representative Ilhan Omar, who has been battling charges of anti-Semitism for weeks, apologized on Monday for insinuating that American support for Israel is fueled by money from a pro-Israel lobbying group — a comment that drew swift and unqualified condemnation from fellow Democrats, including Speaker Nancy Pelosi. The mea culpa by Ms. Omar, […]

cig_control February 14, 2019

Book by Nordhoff Publishers also omits ill treatment of Jews at hands of Arab rulers throughout history JTA — A Dutch publisher that previously created school textbooks accusing Israelis of ethnic cleansing has released a new volume omitting Jerusalem’s significance to Jews. The omission occurred in a textbook about social issues titled “Plein M” by […]

cig_control February 14, 2019

Like so many works in this genre, a new 350-page graphic treatment of Theodor Herzl is cartoonish in every sense of the word. Four decades after Art Spiegelman began publishing a comic-strip serial about the Holocaust, later released in book form as Maus, the exploration of serious subjects by means of cartoon panels and word […]

cig_control February 13, 2019

CLICK FOR FACEBOOK EVENT Please attend this JDL vigil for Ori Ansbacher. The murderer of Ori Ansbacher, HY”D arrested by IDF in Ramallah. In a swift operation, Israeli security forces on Friday identified the murderer of Ori Ansbacher, the 19 year-old Orthodox Jewish student who was found murdered in the Ein Ya’el forest in Jerusalem. […]