cig_control April 7, 2019

Soon after Israel’s April 9 general elections, US President Donald Trump is expected to unveil the “deal of the century.” What is clear is that Trump is taking serious steps to recognize the reality on the ground by not insisting that Israel relinquish its control over the Golan Heights and major Israeli controlled areas in […]

cig_control April 6, 2019

“Members of Parliament of the Government of Canada are using their official positions to channel taxpayers’ money to Islamic Relief Canada (IRC). The IRC is a federally registered charity, so the taxpayer is subsidizing this activity. IRC in turn is sending millions of dollars to Islamic Relief Worldwide (IRW). Seven independent and reliable sources have […]

cig_control March 17, 2019

Heads-up, sane Jews! Leave the Democrat Party of Hate today, before you too find yourselves in the 21st century’s version of the cattle cars of the Holocaust! Antisemitism on Parade–Everything Old is New Again “…the Democrats have become an anti-Israel party. They’ve become an anti-Jewish party.” —President Donald J. Trump “…the chickens of the Democratic […]

cig_control December 31, 2018

Dear Friends, Shurat HaDin has just achieved another important legal victory against the BDS movement as we finish the year! We managed to shut down a vital crowdfunding channel for the central boycott organization, the BDS National Committee (BNC), located in Ramallah. Last week, we sent urgent cease and desist letters to the funding platform […]

cig_control November 20, 2018

Because the state-owned TV channel in Gaza is run by Hamas, Facebook’s maintenance of its account is comparable to providing the organization with support and resources, the letter alleges. Israeli NGO Shurat HaDin has placed Facebook and its Israeli branch under formal legal notice for allowing Hamas’s Al-Aqsa TV to maintain Facebook and Instagram accounts. […]

cig_control November 2, 2018

Opinion: What starts with Jews does not end with Jews. Those who threaten Jews pose a danger to broader society as well By Martin Sampson Though I am not Jewish, I have had the honour of working for a Canadian Jewish organization for the past five years. Like many readers, I did not understand the […]

cig_control November 2, 2018

Several weeks ago, two Tshirts mocking Jews were discovered being sold at Walmart in Aurora. They were found by a non Jew outraged at how “they crossed the line”. Calls were immediately made to both the B’nai Brith hot line for anti Semitic incidents and the Canadian Friends of Simon Wiesenthal. Days later, Simon Wiesenthal’s […]

cig_control November 1, 2018

The October 27th attack on the Tree of Life synagogue summoned a powerful Muslim response to American anti-Semitism. However, more than raising funds for American Jews, Muslim Americans have the power to counter anti-Semitism rather than just respond to it after the fact. To challenge anti-Semitism head on, American Muslims must: 1. Speak out against […]