cig_control July 20, 2019

Sharing is caring! Islamophobia promotes Antisemitism/Jew hatred Criticizing Islam and Muslims is racist. That Muslims and Islam are not races has nothing to do with the definition. Making up the meaning of words is PC today… Islamophobia is doing its job; preventing the facts about Jew hatred from Islam and individual Muslims from being shared; […]

cig_control July 18, 2019

The Canadian government recently unveiled a new anti-racism strategy that dedicates $45 million to fight systemic discrimination through community programs, public education campaigns and combating online hate. While it’s good to combat racism and bigotry at every level, this particular anti-racism strategy is based on key recommendations that came from the anti-Islamophobia motion M103. When […]

cig_control July 18, 2019

An event in Winnipeg that is “at the forefront of informing, educating Jewish communities to deal with the new manifestations of anti-Semitism” may be canceled due to complaints from anti-Israel activists. Don’t let that happen! Lauren Isaacs, the Toronto director of Zionist organization Herut Canada, is scheduled to speak at an event in Winnipeg this […]

cig_control July 17, 2019

In Peshawar, Pakistan, the counter-terrorism department of the Pakistani police arrested Ali Nawaz, the regional head of the Canadian organization Human Concern International (HCI), for sending money to Al-Qaeda, according to a report in a Pakistani daily. According to the report, Ali Nawaz and three other men, identified as Mohammad Farooq Awan, Shah Rum, and […]

cig_control July 12, 2019

A coalition of countries led by the United States, including Canada, has been fighting a war in Iraq and Syria for the past few years. We are supposedly fighting for and with our allies — the government of Iraq and the semi-autonomous Kurdish Regional government of northern Iraq (which has its own army called the […]