cig_control June 29, 2018

The High Court of Justice in Asturias last week confirmed that a city council’s policy of boycotting Israel was unconstitutional. The City Council of Castrillon in Northern Spain passed a motion effectively boycotting Israel, Israeli businesses, and companies doing business with Israel in August last year. The Court declared, however, that this policy was in […]

cig_control June 26, 2018

The great political commentator was articulate, brave and dignified, and an outspoken champion of Israel. Charles Krauthammer, who died this week at age 68, was called the most influential political commentator in America, with a weekly column syndicated to 400 publications worldwide. Less than two weeks ago, Krauthammer published a poignant “farewell letter” describing aggressive, […]

cig_control June 19, 2018

Using the politicized Canada Summer Jobs grant, the Trudeau government recently gave funding to a controversial hate preacher who’s the subject of a criminal complaint. The Islamic Humanitarian Service in Kitchener, Ont., was approved by the Trudeau government to receive the grant in 2018, according to the government’s public registry of approved organizations. This organization […]

cig_control June 17, 2018

The Palestinian Authority government in Ramallah blames Hamas for controlling the Gaza Strip and exploiting its resources for its own private ends and abusing Palestinian residents, while taking advantage of their difficult situation. Human rights organizations in Israel and around the world repeatedly claim that Israel is still an “occupying power” in the region and […]