cig_control May 29, 2018

The Jews If India First Of Four Lectures:A Historical And Sociological Overview Presented by Ann Smson Born and raised in Bombay, India, in an observant Jewish home, Ann Samson immigrated with her husband to canada in 1966. She holds a Master of Education degree in dministration & Spervision from New York’s Niagara University, and a […]

cig_control May 28, 2018

Author: Ran Ukashi and Aidan Fishman [B’nai Brith] TORONTO – B’nai Brith Canada is demanding action from the Canada Revenue Agency after learning that a registered charity is promoting and selling a book containing antisemitic content and facilitating a cross-country tour by its author. Palestinian cleric Naim Ateek is in the midst of a cross-Canada […]

cig_control May 26, 2018

JERUSALEM — During my years in the international press here in Israel, long before the bloody events of this week, I came to respect Hamas for its keen ability to tell a story. At the end of 2008 I was a desk editor, a local hire in The Associated Press’s Jerusalem bureau, during the first […]

cig_control May 25, 2018

Backstory EVA SAPERIA AND SHERYL SAPERIA Megillat Hashoah, literally trans;ated as the scroll of the Holocaust, represents a significant effort to preserve the memory of the Shoah in a unifying liturgy. This text, which people all over the world will read this year as they commemorate Yom ha-Shoah, was conceived by our dear cousin Alex […]

cig_control May 22, 2018

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau encountered strong criticism on Thursday over his earlier statement condemning the violence on the Israel-Gaza Strip border that excluded any mention of Hamas’ role in stoking Palestinian attacks. Trudeau spoke out on Wednesday after learning that a Canadian citizen had been shot and wounded during the two days of clashes […]

cig_control May 21, 2018

A movement to make Jordan the Palestinian state is well on the road, says former Torontonian and driving force behind the idea, Ted Belman. Lawyer, journalist – the popular blog, Israpundit – stunned the audience at Aish Hatorah, Monday night, outlining how this “ultimate” solution to the Arab-Israeli conflict was not only doable but has […]

cig_control May 17, 2018

Britain Foreign Secretary, William Hague, warned Israel that if it sent troops into Gaza to confront Hamas, it risked losing the sympathy of the international community. On November 19th, a Jewish woman in Britain , Mindy Wiesenberger, sent the following letter to Mr. Hague, in response. The letter has been published in many newspapers, including […]

cig_control May 11, 2018

Could Auschwitz lose its true meaning and risk disappearing altogether? This is the question Jonathan Hayoun raises in his new acclaimed film SAVING AUSCHWITZ DIRECTOR: JONATHAN HAYOUN FRANCE • 2016 • 60 minutes • FRENCH FRIDAY MAY 11 2018 • 1:00 PM • CINEPLEX CINEMAS EMPRESS WALK, Cinema 9 Trailer: Tickets: